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Wet grass


Any natural sports turf surface requires regular maintenance and renovation to ensure that the playing surface stays in the best playable state. With little or no maintenance programme in place, your existing sports pitch may have deteriorated over years of use. Perhaps the area started out as a ‘grass field’ and now the old grass sward is unable to support regular use and recover from the effects of play.


We believe that the right renovation programme is just as important as the construction itself, to keep the playing surface in peak condition at all times. A relatively modest initial outlay at the end of playing season can help reinvigorate and extend the longevity of a natural sports pitch.

Poor drainage, water-logging and compaction are likely to occur on surfaces that have received little or no attention. This inevitably results in poor grass coverage and large areas of wear and weed infestation, restricting use during the winter months. During summer months, these areas can harden, with the surface becoming cracked, bare and unforgiving to play on.


Choosing the right renovation programme is vital to restore your playing surface to optimal condition and ensure it’s ready for the challenges of the new season, so this should be planned along with a thorough maintenance regime.



Whatever the your particular lawn or pitch requirements may be, we're certain that at Fisher Lane Groundcare we have a solution.

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Overseeding your existing sports pitch is a an essential part of the annual maintenance regime. All natural sports pitches are affected by the specific growing environment, their level of usage and general weather conditions. Our in-depth understanding of the principles of overseeding and choice of seed mix allow us to work with nature to encourage a greener and healthier natural surface.

Fisher Lane Nurseries has a range of machines specifically designed for working on newly-cultivated soils or to drill into existing swards.




Adequate soil aeration is crucial to encourage a good sward, and can be carried out using a variety of methods. The ‘verti-drain’ machine uses either solid or hollow tines to penetrate the soil, depending on its condition, time of year and desired effect. A trusted workhorse in the pitch care industry, the ‘verti-drain’ is used for de-compacting the soil on sports pitches once or twice per year. Evenly spaced holes of 25mm diameter and up to 300mm deep provide a surface pan shatter, allowing water and air to disperse to the grass roots more effectively.



Top dressing is the process of applying a fine layer of high quality soil to the surface of the pitch, it should be carried out at least once a year. Our specialist machinery is capable of applying hundreds of tonnes of top dressing at a time,  improving your surface levels and creating a superior playing surface.

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